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Stress, anxiety and depression can have a drastic impact on the central nervous system and lead to the development of  neurological and psychological disorders. Better understanding the neurobiology of stress is a crucial step for the treatment of stress-related brain disorders, which are a leading cause of global disease.

Sub-Neuro Technologies

Sub-Neuro™ Technologies has taken major steps forward to help eliminate stress related disorders.

Relieve Stress – Calm Anxiety – Stop Depression

Thanks to Midwest Research for pioneering the design and development of positive mind programming. Since its inception in the early 1980’s, substantial advancements have been made in comprehending the workings of the human brain and identifying triggers for negative thoughts, which can lead to stress, anxiety, and perilous, debilitating depression.

Now, you have the chance to experience this scientifically-grounded method firsthand.

Say goodbye to stressful days by inviting calmness and relaxation into your mind and body. Engage in sleep, work, and play without the persistent burden of anxiety or depression, as negative thoughts are eradicated from your life.

How Does It Work?

Sub-Neuro™ Technologies utilizes modern AI psychological system data technologies which combines layered frequency signals (audio Tones) that are then transferred directly to sub-neuro portions of the brain responsible for the thoughts and feelings causing you to feel stress, anxiety, and even harmful depression. Sub-Neuro™ Technologies almost immediately changes how you feel and how you project yourself to others.

All you will hear is a gentle, soothing masking sound, specifically designed to relax your body and calm your conscious thought. Below this sound is where the real transformation begins. Utilizing modern AI, Sub-neuro technologies then employ a series of sophisticated psychological system data layered frequency signals ( audio Tones – transferred directly to the sub-neuro portions of the brain, the area responsible for thoughts and feelings, causing you to experience stress, anxiety, and even harmful depression. Sub-Neuro almost immediately changes how you feel and how you project yourself to others.

Our Acknowledgement to the dedicated work & studies of Professor Dr. Phil Hansen, California State University and Professor Dr. Don Williamson, Louisiana State University.

100% Drug Free

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Now you have an alternative solution to drug therapies when dealing with emotional & physical stress /anxiety and depression. Whether it be the stress of dealing with loved ones…sudden panic attacks or much worse; depression sets in. Sub-Neuro™ Technologies can truly make a difference and will help change your life for the better.